We all ask ourselves, "what should I eat", whether it's for lunch, dinner or right now! This frustrating question can occur weekly, daily or in our case, hourly - hangry meme :). We are here to solve this never-ending "what should I eat" problem for everyone, including Ryan Gosling!

What Should I Eat?

Our identity is solving the "what should I eat" problem before the "where should I eat" problem.

Meaning, we will show you the best dish at each restaurant. No more scouring through countless reviews or having to be at the restaurant to ask your server what he or she recommends. With our dish recommendation engine, we are your digital waitress!

How do we pick the best dishes? We're using a Machine Learning algorithm coupled with a massive amount of data from various trusted sources to accurately answer this daily question, "what should I eat?"

Which Restaurant Serves My Favorite Dish?

Okay, so we promise to answer the "what should I eat" question. We are also addressing another problem that everyone faces, "which restaurant serves the best version of my favorite dish?"

We all have our go-to dishes, whether you're a picky eater or have an exotic palate, we will help you find the best restaurant for your favorite dish.

Do you only like pizza, burgers and wings? Are you into more exotic dishes like branzino or osso bucco? No problem, we'll find you the best restaurant in town.

We'll also provide helpful context for each restaurant. Are you going out with a group of friends, on a hot first date or are you looking for a happy hour to wash down the stress from a terrible work week? With our restaurant attribute algorithm, again, we'll find the best restaurant in town. You can also book a reservation through OpenTable directly from our platform!

We hope you enjoy the blog! Oh, we also created an awesome app to help solve these problems. Please see a link to download Entrée

what should I eat for dinner

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